I can finally see from one side of my studio to the other!  I’ve spent a good deal of time this week sorting, unpacking and tidying in the studio.  I might even be able to work in there next week.  

I’m becoming a dab hand with a drill, having put shelves, blinds and curtain rails up in various places around the house over the last couple of weeks.  These shelves may not look much but they enabled me to unpack various boxes, which makes a big difference to the space.  I’m finding all sorts of ways to make the best use of the space I have.  In the midst of all the sorting I longed for a clean white-walled empty space, but I know it wouldn’t last long: I’d only fill it with things.

These old school trays are just brilliant and are home to all sorts of bits and pieces.

I’m itching to get to work in there and it won’t be long now before I can.

shifting stuff

I feel like I’m stuck inside a rubix cube or one of those little games where you can only move one square at a time and you have to make 20 other moves before you can make the one you really want to.

I have managed to unpack a lot since moving house and slowly things are getting straight.  The studio was, until Monday, completely jammed with boxes with just a little passage to get to the washing machine and freezer (this is my cellar and so also utility room).  Then the removal people came to take away my empty boxes, which suddenly gave me the space to empty some more and so the studio looked like this:

Believe me, this was an improvement!  Suddenly I could start to get a feel for the room.  I then spent time over the next couple of days sorting and shifting things about.  I put together the plan chest where I store my paper and previous mounted work (this involved a great deal of swearing – it isn’t really a one person job).  I got to the end of the day I’m afraid to say that the room didn’t look much different, things had just changed places.  Basically I have too much stuff.

I know that it will all come together eventually and that the sorting I’m doing isn’t wasted time at all.  There isn’t much creativity going on though, which gets me down.  So this afternoon I’ve been doing some research towards a project I’ll be doing this year and I’m quite excited.  More about that another time…


>I managed to make some good progress last week on both of my college projects. The previous week (half term) had felt a bit barren on the getting-things-done front but actually was very useful in terms of thinking (as evidenced in my last few posts). So once I did get in the studio at college I had lots of things to be getting on with.

I sometimes find it difficult to photograph things well in the studio as the light isn’t great, particularly at my desk – I’m a bit tucked away in a corner. This weave sample with some of my beach-combed material hasn’t come out well but the colour is great and, although the stiff translucent stuff was a nightmare to set up as a warp, it has a lot of character to it because of the kinks that have stayed in it after I unravelled it from it’s found state.

I’ve started to take some of my architectural experimentation more 3-dimensional

and into a larger scale.

studio listening: Aqualung & Fleet Foxes,

>empty space

Welcome to my studio space at college. Of course it won’t be like this for long, in fact it is already full of stuff.

Start of the week: new year, new ideas, new enthusiasm.

Mid-week: ideas shifting, studio space and head filling with images, a fair smattering of confusion – great to be back!