open studio

I will be opening my studio from 2-5pm on 25th to 27th May. I have my current work in progress in the studio, as well as work from various recent projects, books etc. All are welcome!

Find me on the top floor of 73 Bingley Road, Saltaire, Shipley, BD18 4SB. Access is through Too Nice To Use shop (formerly The Butterfly Rooms) and up the stairs. Simone and her shop are venue 18 on the Saltaire Arts Trail. My studio neighbour Hannah Lamb will also be opening her studio the same hours as me. Come on up to see us both at work.

Findings #3

This week sees the third incarnation of my Findings. I was really pleased to be invited to show my work at SNAPArts in Wakefield and spent yesterday hanging the exhibition. It’s always interesting showing work in a new space and exploring different ways of presenting it. I’m pleased with how the work has come together, in particular the two groups of 60 objects mentioned on the flyer above (I’ll post some images once the exhibition is open). The show includes a mix of work from recent projects: as well as ‘objects’ from Findings there are some of my Leaf Stitching and Rust Diaries pieces.

The exhibition opens as part of the Wakefield Art Walk on Wednesday evening. After the opening event the exhibition is open by appointment until 20th January – contact Jane to arrange a visit:


Walker House

22 Bond Street



01924 361333

>art walk

My exhibition at yesterday’s Wakefiled Art Walk went well. We didn’t get huge numbers through the door but given that it was a fairly damp and bitter January evening I think the steady flow we got was pretty good. There were some lovely comments and I met some really interesting people. It was especially nice to meet Hannah.

The space@55Westgate as it is now called (was Westgate Studios) is a beautifully light white room and worked brilliantly for the mixture of artwork and interpretation that we included (I don’t think the photos do it justice). It is great to have a bit of practice at putting an exhibition together too – each time you do it you learn something new. This was timely for me and because it was ‘for one night only’ was not too big a deal to be overly stressful.

Once things were set up (and the slight technical problems were overcome – is it possible to use technology without hitches?!) I went off for a wonder round Wakefield to look at some of the new buildings springing up around the place: there are lots!

I visited the exhibition of The RIBA White Rose Award buildings at the Beam Gallery and then went on to look at the new Hepworth Gallery, which opens later this year.

It’s a pretty imposing building with these angular slabs of concrete plunging straight down to the river. With the grey January sky reflected back by the water it was all rather dramatic. The building looked a kind of lilacy grey in yesterday’s light.

I couldn’t help thinking how much more welcoming it would look if one of those massive planes was covered in a green living wall…



Sense of Place: Spring

This Wednesday (26th January) my work will be exhibited as part of the Wakefield Art Walk. The textile panels of Fifteen Images will be displayed alongside a digital presentation giving the background to the whole collaborative project. My four Sense of Place pieces will also be on show for the first time.

The venue is Space@55Westgate (WF1 1BW) and the Art Walk is on from 5-9pm.

This is prior to Fifteen Images going to Plymouth next month for a performance at the Peninsular Arts Contemporary Music Festival on 12th February and the project is the subject of the festival lecture on that date. On the same day Taking Time opens in Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery and I’m absolutely thrilled that my physical textile work and the digital presentation will be included in this exhibition until 9th April.