Industrial Abstract

Alice Fox Fabric of the Building Green Wall & Wall ii

Fabric of the Building gets another airing from this Saturday.  It is showing at The Beetroot Tree, Draycott, Derbyshire as part of Industrial Abstract.  I’m really please to be showing this work again.  It was my final degree project and most of it has been tucked away at home since I graduated.  It includes works on thick industrial felt, paper and digital projection.  There are elements of print, embossing, manipulation, natural dye, and hand stitch. I’m looking forward to installing it in a different space and getting those animated stitches covering a wall in the gallery.

The exhibition is on from 20th April to 8th June and there will be a ‘meet the artist’ event at the gallery on Saturday 4th May.

>bullion stitch

I’ve made a lot of these little 3D stitches lately.

They’re a sort of extended french knot and they give a lovely raised loop that I’m using to make marks elsewhere: They’re transferred into virtual stitches that will appear on the wall,

and they are making lovely detailed impressions of themselves in beautiful thick paper.

The different elements of my final show are starting to come together, which feels good. There is still a lot to do though …

>sewing into the wall anyone?

The closest I’ve got so far to sewing into the wall is stitching through a piece of plasterboard with insulation attached…

This is a scaled up version of sewing through foam board.

I’ve also been stitching into the pages of my sketch book, a step on from the drawings I was making with marks like stitches.

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