>writing and stitching

I’ve done quite a bit of planning and writing this week. The second draft of my dissertation is due in soon so I gave some necessary time early in the week to completing the sections still not written. I wrote my introduction and most of chapter 3. It feels like the end is in sight now!

We had a really interesting and useful talk from Clare Lane on Wednesday. It means so much more hearing directly from someone else’s experience than being told the theory of the steps you might take after you finish a BA. Clare is currently artist in residence at Bradford College through the AA2A scheme and it is fascinating to see her working in the print room and experimenting with the digital printer, pushing the boundaries of how it can be used.

I spent most of Thursday stitching and planning various different stitch-based samples. It was good to have a hands-on day after a few days of computers and writing.

Yesterday I collected an order of felt from an industrial felt manufacturer in Dewsbury. After my felt deliberations (see previous posts) I decided to go for their product as it really is right for what I’m trying to achieve. The wool is from New Zealand (not British wool as I’d originally hoped to use) and the felt has a really smooth surface and solid structure.

Current listening: The Decemberists (in my head having heard them live last night)