>stitched folds

Before I was selected for the graduate showcase at the Festival of Quilts I had already committed to entering the mini quilt section of the open exhibition. My entry is slowly taking shape.

I’m using a piece of silk that was printed with my sketched building site screen at college. Using these dots to help me…

I’m bringing four points together to make these little corners with walls in between.

I have a vague idea of how I want it to look but I’m pretty much making it up as I go along. I’ve tried stitching along the bottom of the little ‘walls’ to give them more definition but am not convinced that it is right.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of having ‘windows’ inserted in some of the compartments…

but I don’t think they work. The combination of the print and the structure of the manipulated fabric is enough, windows are a step too far, but sometimes you have to try things out to find what works and what doesn’t.

>old habits

I’ve been making cards. In a way this feels strange; part of the point of doing this degree was because I don’t want to be making the cards for the rest of my life, but old habits die hard! And actually I think it is something I will always do alongside my work. I’m set up for it so it makes sense to.

So I’ve made a batch of cards that I can have for sale at the show in Bradford and in London – ever the opportunist. And I’m using things up, recycling: I’m making the most of my screens at college before they’re cleaned, and of the pigment that is left over from my screen printing. The card and envelopes are all made from recycled paper and the bags that the cards go into are completely bio-degradable, something that wasn’t available when I started making cards seriously, about 7 years ago.

As for tonight and the preview of the degree show, I’m excited but also a little nervous…

>cutting and printing

This week I took the plunge and cut up my large piece of thick felt. I had been procrastinating about what scale to work on for my final pieces and at one point was convinced that I should keep this big slab of wall-like felt as one section that could really become part of the wall. But I was worried about the difficulties of working on such a large scale, both in terms of committing to one design and the practicalities of working with this big slab of wool. I wondered whether the possibilities of developing ideas over a number of smaller pieces that would make up a larger whole might actually be the better way to go. After a very useful tutorial, which confirmed that I should go for the smaller units, I decided to cut up the felt.

I’ve returned to the idea of repeated units that featured in this project earlier on this year and that I’d moved away from for a while. So many buildings, particularly contemporary ones, use repeated units as their basis.

My units will be the same dimensions but their surfaces with change, grow, develop.

Current listening: Inter-generational cello duets drifting up from a lower floor of the house.