Fine Art Textiles Award

I am thrilled that my Apple Vessels 1-5 have been shortlisted for the Vlieseline Fine Art Textiles Award at the Festival of Quilts. These vessels were made using paper yarn, hand stitched around apples, which were then allowed to dry and shrink within. They are stained with ink made from apple wood and were inspired by bird-pecked fruit on the autmnal allotment, often leaving ‘vessels’ of just skin and core.

The Fine Art Textiles Award will be on show at the NEC 1-4 August and then will go on to the Knitting & Stitching Shows in London, Dublin and Harrogate. I also have work in Natural Selection (see previous posts). I will be giving a lecture called ‘Plotting’ at 10.30 am on Thursday 1st August about this recent work that focuses on my allotment as a source of materials and inspiration. The lecture can be booked here (listed under workshops with my name as tutor) and you can use the discount code WT2 for tickets to the show.


Chaptern 6 Sense of Place

My book is published today! So now it is available to buy from all good bookshops. Of course there are various ways of getting a copy (and various prices on the internet) but if you want to buy one directly from me I have signed copies available in my shop.

I’m really grateful to the contributing artists whose work is also featured in the book, enriching it with their inspirational words and stunning images: Jilly Edwards, India Flint, Claire Wellesley-Smith, Catherine Lewis, Dorothy Caldwell, Joanne B Kaar, Lotta Helleberg, Jennifer Coyne Qudeen, Hannah Lamb, Debbie Lyddon. The practices of these wonderful artists’ are all bound up with their own experience of and respect for the natural world.

I’m just getting ready to go off to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. I will be demonstrating in the Virtual Studio on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Do come and say hello if you’re there. Oh, and I might have some books with me…

the book has landed!


Well almost… The books have arrived at Art Van Go for the launch this Saturday (25th July). Do come along between 12 and 4pm if you are within reach. I will be there with a pen to sign copies and I’m told there will be cake too! On the walls in the gallery space at Art Van Go there are lots of examples of my work featured in the book. The exhibition, called Here & There, will be up until the end of August. The book is officially released on 6th August so the 50 copies we have for the launch really are hot off the press and prior to the publishing date. Once I have some copies in stock myself they will be available to order here. I will be at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th August. I’ll be demonstrating in the Virtual Studio and I will have copies there too.


Alice Fox Lost & Found workshop

I spent most of last week at Oxford Summer School teaching an extended workshop called Lost & Found. We had great fun and it was lovely to get to know the students a little over the period of the workshop. We shared a host of different techniques: mark-making, printing, stitching… all based around various found objects and there was much delight at the discoveries we made. The students produced some really exciting work.

I will be working in the Virtual Studio at the Festival of Quilts on Friday morning and Saturday afternoon this week. This inspiring area of the show (run by the wonderful Committed to Cloth) provides an insight into how different artists work in the studio, so isn’t necessarily about finished pieces but the journey you go through before they are reached.


Alice Fox in the Virtual studio

I’ve just got back from the Festival of Quilts at the NEC (via making music in the Yorkshire Dales and visiting a magical garden, but that’s another story).  I had a wonderful three days talking to people, meeting many I’ve met before as well as many I hadn’t, seeing some inspirational textile work, questioning the medium of ‘the quilt’ in my own personal way (in order to try to understand this diverse art form and where I fit in to its world) and sharing with people some of what preoccupies me.  I was invited to be part of the Virtual Studio run by the lovely ladies at Committed to Cloth.  This bunch of talented artists spend most of the show demonstrating a whole range of techniques on cloth and I added a but of rusty stuff to that collective on Friday afternoon (see above).  I now have a few days to re-group before setting up my work on Friday in a sheep pen at the Skipton Auction Mart for Art in the Pen.


My work is installed in my space on stand F25 at the Festival of Quilts.  I’m sharing this stand with the lovely Rose and Clive, fellow prize winners from last year.  We battled motorway closures and summer storms to get to the NEC, but we made it. I’m really excited now about the show opening tomorrow.

As well as installing my work today I was able to attend the opening of European Art Quilts VII, which is showing at the Festival, before touring to Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium over the next 18 months.  I was so thrilled that my Folded Wall was accepted.  It is a really high quality exhibition with a wide range of styles that have come together to complement each other so well and representing 15 different countries.  I feel very proud to be part of this.

>take down

>I was completely shattered after the take down at the NEC yesterday and the long drive to be with my kids – I thought they might wonder who I was but I got big hugs this morning!

I had such an amazing few days at the FOQ and the best thing of all was meeting so many lovely people and having some really interesting conversations. It was good to share some of what I’ve been doing over the last few years and to find that people were so interested in what I do. Some of the comments were quite overwhelming.

I didn’t get much of a chance to see the rest of the show I’m afraid, but what I did see covered such variety and skill, even if it wasn’t all my ‘thing’. I wished I could have had a bit more time to see a couple of the gallery exhibitions that I was really taken with, but I did get some glimpses before the show started in the mornings.

So if you came to see me, thank you, and hopefully see you next year!

>great day

>What a day I’ve had! I was told this morning that I am joint winner of the Graduate Showcase bursary at the Festival of Quilts. I’m absolutely thrilled! I share the prize with Rose Wood and we both went to the presentation event this afternoon (hosted by Kaffe Fassett) where we were given a cup of tea (very welcome by that point in the day!) and our certificates by Pauline Burbidge, who selected us both at New Designers and here. We both get a chunk of money to spend furthering our work and a space at next year’s show.

I also met Claire Benn and Janice Gunner today, who both bought pieces of my work. I’ve had so many lovely comments and conversations today, I’m surprised I got my head out the door at the close of show! Excuse me while I just go and pinch myself…