While I was away on holiday last week I got rather a lot of work done. Maybe that was partly a result of having no internet access! I’ve been working with samples and leftover bits and pieces from my natural dyeing experiments over the last few months along with a new batch I dyed just before going away. I took the newly dyed batch with me to dry out slowly on the wooden porch.

I then opened them up, once some time and fresh air had done its stuff, to reveal these lovely little concertinas and marked units.

I’m using paper of different weights that has been folded, clamped and dyed with onion skins and some with red cabbage (giving a lovely blue).

I have rough grids and squares and little units, which I’ve brought together to make little assemblages. Some pieces have squares of wool felt that have been clamped and dyed in the same way as the paper. The dye on some is so dark (aided by the metal in the clamps) that they look charred. There are also rust marks from the clamps that merge with the onion skin colour.

Copper wire stitches bring everything together and each piece is mounted on board ready to pop into a frame.