Long way

The last couple of weeks have been hectic.  I thought things would calm down after the lighthouse exhibition weekend, but I’ve been as busy as ever.  I’m still finalising some of the details of the Textures of Spurn gallery tour and have had various meetings and correspondance to do with that.  I’ve also been fulfilling some small commissions – more on those in another post.

Yesterday I went to the The Hepworth and Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a little Richard Long pilgrimage.  I’ve been an admirer of his work for some time but hadn’t seen any in the flesh.  The exhibition at the Hepworth finishes this weekend so I just managed to catch it.  It was good to see familiar works as framed images as well as actual work on the gallery floor.  I struggled a bit with seeing such works in a stark gallery setting, especially with minimal interpretation for those visitors who might not be so familiar with his work, so I felt much more comfortable with his piece at the Sculpture Park.

The light yesterday was beautiful – a glorious autumn day with all the colours and smells to go with it.

I was as fascinated by the natural sculptures as I was the man-made ones and spent a long time with these silhouetted foxglove seed stems.