I had a lovely week with my Leaf Stitching exhibition in London. Spending time with a body of work in an exhibition situation is a good time to reflect on things, both leading up to that point and looking forward. Being removed from the studio and all the distractions of home life can be useful for a period of time, even if the logistics of arranging it all are tricky! Being present in the gallery to talk to visitors about the work can be very rewarding and, I think, adds a lot to the visitors’ experience of the work. Visitors were often surprised to find that the person sitting quietly stitching in the gallery was the artist. For those that didn’t make it to the exhibition the Leaf Stitching catalogue/book is available in my shop, along with other publications. I hope to get some of the pieces that were featured in this exhibition available in the shop in coming days, along with a few other items for sale.

cleanned up group low res

Tide Line, shown above, is currently showing in The Language of Objects at Unit Twelve Gallery, Staffordshire. This looks to be a really interesting exhibition with work from a great group of artists and makers. I am really pleased to have another opportunity to show work at this quirky gallery set on a farm in rural Staffordshire.

A few more workshops dates for next year have been added to the list on the workshops page. I hope to arrange some more day workshops at my studio in West Yorkshire as well, although these have to be during the middle part of the year when the temperature in the  studio is more hospitable: it is starting to get pretty cold in there already and we’re only in early autumn! Details of these will be made available when I’ve sorted out dates in the diary.

meticulous stitchers

Alice Fox 49 Beer Bottle Tops1

I was thrilled to be invited to be part of Meticulous Stitchers at Unit Twelve Gallery, Stafford, alongside artists whose work I really admire. The two pieces I have made for the exhibition are part of my Rust Diaries series and have involved hours and hours (and more) of stitching.

Alice Fox 76 Hair Grips1

The exhibition opens on 4th June and runs through until 29th August. I will be teaching a couple of day workshops at the gallery in July and there is a ‘stitchers soiree’ on 27th June, a mid-exhibition event (open to all) instead of a private view. You can find more details here and on the Unit Twelve website.

Alice Fox 49 Beer Bottle Tops side view

Alice Fox 76 Hair Grips side view

pavement pieces

Alice Fox Pavement Piece #24

Last week I posted off two of my most recent Pavement Pieces to Unit Twelve for their Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition.  This runs from 5th December to 1st March.  This small but perfectly formed gallery is well worth a visit and there will be a magnificent range of contemporary craft on show.

Pavement Piece #25 detail

Meanwhile I’m working on a much larger scale Pavement Piece for the SDC exhibition in London in January.  Pictures of that to come another time.

Pavement Piece #24 detail



two visits

I gave a talk to Halifax Embroiderers’ Guild last Friday.  (It is still a bit of a novelty to think complete strangers actually want to sit and listen to me talk about my work for the best part of an hour!)  I took along my Spurn sketchbooks and some samples as well as the 10 metre long Spurn Cloth #2.  After I spoke we had some fascinating conversations and I met some lovely ladies.  We also spread the long cloth out across the floor for everyone to have good look at the detail.

It’s always interesting to see how someone else decides to place your work; work that you’re so used to arranging a particular way so that it wouldn’t occur to you to do it differently.

I went to the Private View of Unit Twelve‘s Contemporary Craft Open at the weekend.  It was a lovely event with two rooms full of beautiful work and I felt very privileged to have my work included.  I was intrigued to see how my concertina books would be placed by the curator, having not been to the gallery before and having posted them off a couple of weeks prior to the exhibition opening.  When you’re used to arranging your own work it can be a surprise to see how others choose to do it but it can also be useful and make yo see things differently.