>Blue phase

There has been a decidedly blue theme to this week. This started with the annual family bluebell pilgrimage at the weekend. They were just starting to go over, but still breathtakingly beautiful and filling the air with their scent.

The garden is also entering a blue and purple phase.

The striking red and yellow tulips are now over but their contorted drying petals are still sumptuous in colour even if it has changed with their decay.

Alliums are just opening like slow motion fireworks in the front and back gardens. Just like I watched my tulips opening in detail, I’ve been watching the alliums going through this process:

Small blue irises are just poised to burst open and the ceanothus’ buds are edging ever more blue every day as they prepare to open.

Current listening: Fyfe Dangerfield: Fly Yellow Moon (to counteract some of the blues)