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I’ve been asked about the frame I’m using for my weave samples.  Here is the full frame. The late-autumn light is not good for photographing things successfully at the moment and we’ve had some particularly grey days.  My samples haven’t progressed as I’d have liked due to many other things happening but my frame and its narrow warps are slowly being populated by little investigations.

I’ve been using some of the string that bound previous rust bundles.  These are variously dyed themselves so when they are woven they produce random stripes and mottles.

I am enjoying the discipline of weaving again.  I have also put a first warp on the four shaft table loom I rescued earlier in the year so I’m switching between loom and frame.  In both I feel that plain weave offers so much potential.  I love the simplicity of it and the focus on the action, the repetitiveness, the discipline of achieving evenness and a straight edge.  There is so much scope for exploring subtle texture and colour that I’m not sure I will ever tire of it.  I admire complex weave patterns in others’ work but for now plain weave has enough to hold my attention.

12 thoughts on “plain weave

  1. Amazingly beautiful – the plain/simple weave as you mention is just beautiful : ) Thank you sooo much for showing the full frame, it is glorious. I love frame loooms and have made a few myself out of picture frames, now I would love to tackle a larger frame like yours : ) I tooo love the repetitiveness of weaving, it’s meditative to me as is knitting and stitching too – ohhhh the love of hand-work. Thank you again for sharing your fabulous art : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

    • Thanks Sandra. I love the simplicity of weaving on a frame. This is a tapestry (of the sewing variety) frame but it does the job nicely as a weaving frame.

  2. Inspiration for another use to my old tapestry frames, so pleased they look so good for another project. The simplicity of weave and ‘fabric/pieces’ gives a lovely reflective feel to these pieces and somehow the idea of them ‘taking their time’ seems appropriate.

  3. Thank you for showing us the entire frame, it was worth asking for. I love the simple, organic look of the frame as much as of the weaving. Very minimalistic and gentle. I still think it looks like a piece of sculpture or an installation. I’d love to have it as such!

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