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I had a great time at the Knitting & Stitching Show last week.  Thank you so much to Art Van Go for inviting me to be part of the Artists in Action stand.  It was a real privilege to be working alongside some established names, some of whose books sit on my studio shelves.

I met so many lovely people and spent so much time talking that I didn’t get much work done!  I kept things simple, basic mark making with found objects with some rust prints on the go.  These sparked off many conversations about the techniques I use and it was lovely to be told that I’d inspired people to go home and have a go themselves.

Here are some of the marks I made:


6 thoughts on “making marks

    • Hi Debbie. The rust prints are with tea and rusty objects laid on. The rest of what I did there was using oil pastels as a resist and acrylic paints to print different marks with found objects. Most things got a wash of tea because that fits with the colour palette I tend to work in at the moment. I also did some long stitches into the paper in places, responding to some of the printed marks.

    • I fell in love with your works. Absolutely breathtaking. Would love to come to one of your workshops if you have any.

    • All the workshops I am doing that are open to the public are listed on the workshops page. There are some more dates for 2015 yet to be added but they will go on there as soon as they are confirmed.

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