My little tapestry weave samples are progressing slowly. The next stage for these is to be left outside for the winter weather to play its part and see how the rust marks the cotton.

I’m hoping that the rust will seep its way into the thread and stain the cotton in a similar way to my rust prints on paper.  I haven’t yet added any agent to help the process as I’d like to see what the elements will do on their own.

3 thoughts on “progress

  1. Hi Alice: Excellent,excellent !!!! Can’t wait to see what happens. I have wrapped cotton fabric around one of our many pine trees and will unwrap next spring after the snow/rains/wind, etc. Makes me happy to loook out and see the wrapped tree : ) Love your idea of the rust going thru the weave – can’t wait to seeeeee : ) Thank you for sharing : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

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