production line

There’s nothing quite like a production line to give you a feeling of satisfaction at achieving small goals.  Making and writing Christmas cards in between other jobs this week I have been reminded of how rewarding repetitive tasks can be.  Whether it is weaving, stitching, folding paper… once in your stride the task is repeated fluidly and with rhythm.  Paying attention to the smallest detail of the movements; applying just the right amount of pressure; placing something exactly where it should be; enjoying the physical movement of each small element; mind focussed yet available to explore and reflect at the same time.

2 thoughts on “production line

  1. Hello Alice. I love this post. So often I get bogged in the tedium of repetitive tasks and yet you have shown how these can be an intuitive marvel really. Knowing just the right place to mark, draw, emboss etc – instead of thinking about repetition it will be good in future to marvel that our artistic intuition knows just how this will look best, and how this has grown over years of creative use. Thank you. Hope you have a really beautiful Chirstmas and festive season. xsusanx

  2. Love the balance and the simplicity. That’s a lesson that is key, I guess, in life and our endeavours and somehow essential at this time of year. Best wishes

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