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Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 19

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working away slowly at my contribution to The Sketchbook Project.

My book is a record of things picked up in the streets around my home on everyday short walks during autumn and winter: on the way to the post office or back from school.  The things I’ve picked up are insignificant: a rusty washer, a few leaves, a beer bottle top… They have come together with the help of the chemistry of tea to make marks on the pages of the book.  I’ve then used rollers and ink to build up more marks and texture and finally there are stitches added in response to the other marks.

Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 12

This morning I finished my book and now I can post it off to the Brooklyn Art Library for it to join all the other books from around the world.  Eventually my book will be available online to view digitally, but for now here are a few peeks at the detail:

Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 10Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 14Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 15Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 17

Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 20

24 thoughts on “gifts from the pavement

  1. Swooning. Just simply swooning. I so hope to see this in person at some point. Need to figure out how to get from Grand Central Station (train) to the Brooklyn Art Library once this version of The Sketchbook Project opens.

    Now…back to swooning.

    • This rust junkie swoons over…well…rust…and other things, but mostly over art that speaks to me as your sketchbook does. I really will try to get to down to see it. If I manage to, would you mind my taking photos?

    • I don’t mind you taking photos Jennifer, as long as the gallery doesn’t. I don’t think the project is available to see until sometime in March… Have a look at their website for details and I’ll post when it is available to view online. I think it’s a really cool project with a lovely spirit of sharing and celebrating how individuals deal with the same starting point.

  2. Ohhhhh myyyyyyy Alice – this piece of work just takes my breath away !!!! swooooning is the perfectperfect word !!!! this is my very favorite type of art – handmade boooks, love it. Your “Gifts from the Pavement” is just incredible and beautiful – thank you sooo much for sharing it here, I’ll probably never get to see it in person but hope to see the digital someday : ) and thank you for your response on my type of paper you use question – thank you : ) I know I can find the Fabriano paper but the regular cartridge (printer paper??) is another thing, ha : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

  3. More beautiful, understated work. This is breathtaking as everyone else has said, Alice. I especially love the textures you create. I know I won’t get to see it person but I really will try to see your work closer to home. I’ll watch out for opportunities…..

  4. Alice, this is an amazing book! wonderful!
    P.S. Going to post a photo at the weekend . Delayed, not forgotten!

  5. I found my way over here thanks to Jennifer’s blog. And what a treat! This is such a lovely way to record your walks, and I love the addition of such a rich variety of other marks as the pages evolved…beautiful & so tactile.
    – Lisa

  6. Fascinating. I enjoy collecting bits and pieces, car parks with flattened cans being particularly good gathering grounds.Thought for a moment I had missed your work at the Knit and Stitch but I notice you were in Harrogate not London. I like your work very much.

  7. I agree with Seth – that the idea behind this book is wonderful, and that the execution is masterful. Lovely to see the images that you have shown here. Thanks for those and good luck with all your other exhibitions. Congratulations on them!

  8. wabi sabi in its purest form. I am about to start a textile course online and found your book simply stunning. This is true journal genius, literally working with found objects and rubbish off the streets to create something beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank you

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