Despite severe weather warnings (the likes of which I’m sure must amuse those readers in countries that regularly have properly severe weather!) my exhibition opened last weekend at The Ropewalk in Barton.  It is a very different prospect hanging this work in a gallery space after the spectacular but challenging building that it was originally conceived for.

Cloth #1

For the first time you can see the whole of Spurn Cloth #1 (all 4.7 metres of it) hung on a wall rather than in the curved format it had in the lamp room of Spurn Lighthouse. Conversely, Spurn Cloth #2, which hung (all 10 metres of it) in a very tall space half way up the lighthouse, hangs now as a two sided piece.

Spurn Cloth #2

The gallery put together a lovely little six-sided fold out brochure for the exhibition with a few images of my work and a bit of blurb.  I have some spare copies of this so if anyone would like one sending I’d be happy to post one to you.  Send me an email with your address or leave a comment.

Ropewalk brochure



39 thoughts on “opening

  1. Would love one to share with printmaking and bookarts students. Victoria Cowan, 23 Brant St., #605, Toronto, ON M5V 2L5
    I’ve been happily following your blog for a while and treasure your clarity.

  2. Ohhhh Alice to have one of these booklets would be wonderful : ) I’ll even share it with my fellow bookmakers/rustjunkies/naturaldye friends as welll here in the states : ) I’ll e-mail my address strait away if you still have one left ??
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )

  3. So pleased to see the exhibition looking so at home, would love to have a booklet, details: I heughhead cottage, strathdon, AB36 8XJ

  4. Would love one of these booklets. I enjoyed watching you working at the Harrogate Knit and Stitch and am looking forward to seeing your exhibition at The Bowery in Leeds, though can’t imagine it is as beautiful a venue as the Ropewalk .Will email my address if you have one left. Thanks – Eileen UK

  5. Oooh, if you still have any spare booklets left Alice, I would really like one too. I don’t know if you still have my address from when I ordered your book, but let me know if not. Good luck with this exhibition, it looks to be fantastic, as is all your wonderfully inspiring work!

  6. Hi Alice – beautiful looking show!! I’d so love a brochure, all the way in the US here.. I could send the postage if you need. I love collecting these to show my art students.
    Thanks and congrats on the show!!

    • Hi Valerianna. Your comment ended up in the spam filter but I’ve rescued it! Glad you emailed about it. Booklet on its way to you. Glad to hear you have real weather and none of this silly snow that we get that grinds things to a halt just because we’re not used to it!

  7. Alice, i have been following your blog for some time and love the work. i have been working with rust and tea for some years and have recently come to eco printing and dyeing. I would love one of your booklets as i am unable to get to the exhibition. i can email my address if i’m in luck getting a booklet.

  8. Spurn cloth #2 looks wonderful in its new setting! i love the way the colours in the brickwork coordinate without detracting from the cloth.

  9. Hi Alice, I’d love one of your booklets, if I’m not too late. Like one of the others, I bought your book so I hope you have my address still. If not I can email it to you. I love the (apparent) simplicity and clarity of your work and I’m really looking out for an opportunity to see it in exhibition. Margaret

    • Hi Margaret. I probably do have your address somewhere in the system but if you can email it to me again it will makes things quicker! Thanks!

  10. Alice, I do love your work and really enjoy following your process here. The different spaces for exhibiting your work only add to the allure. Thanks for sharing! I would treasure a booklet if you have any to spare and are happy to send (another) one to Australia 🙂
    Indy x

  11. Love your work! I study Textiles and Im currently using this project as inspiration for my final major. Was wondering if you have any booklets left as it would be a great help towards my research.


    • Hi Kirsty. I’m afraid they are long gone, sorry. The Spurn work is currently showing in Goole Museum though, in case that is of any use. Good luck with your project!

  12. hello alice I was wondering how you stick each piece of fabric together is it hand of machine stitch? thank you amber

    • Hi Amber. It depends: the very long vertical cloth was machine stitched but the horizontal one was all hand stitched – all 4.7 metres of it.

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