Alice Fox sand marks cloths

Here is a glimpse of the un-wrapped bundles that I showed earlier in the week.  I pinned them up in my studio and have been getting to know them a little.  The marks can be so surprising and sometimes so very subtle, while other times really strong.  I love the creases and folds that remain from how the bundle has been bound and from what it has been bound round. They are like the ridges and dips left in wet sand twice a day when the tide recedes.  These three-dimensional elements have dictated what I do next: some are left exactly as they are, some are stitched to a backing to preserve the creases, some are ironed because the marks are more important than the creases.  The decision making is quite organic: I can have a plan of what I’m aiming for but really the piece is dictated by what happens along the way.

This group (with one other piece) are called Sand Marks.  They will hang as a group but will be staggered so that they sit together as one, balancing each other.  I’m looking forward to seeing them completed.

Alice Fox Sand Marks cloths in studio

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    • Thanks Arlee, I feel that too but need to make them work in an exhibition so some careful tweaks are needed to make sure they’re presented as I want them.

  1. They really do look beautiful Alice, I would find it very hard to decide what else to do with each piece, but I have no doubts that you will create something even more stunning, as usual!

  2. A great feeling of the ebb and flow of the tide across the sand and the variety of changes that appear on diffferent textures of sand across a stretch of beach. Look forward to see how you work with the marks and movement.

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