Industrial Abstract

Alice Fox Fabric of the Building Green Wall & Wall ii

Fabric of the Building gets another airing from this Saturday.  It is showing at The Beetroot Tree, Draycott, Derbyshire as part of Industrial Abstract.  I’m really please to be showing this work again.  It was my final degree project and most of it has been tucked away at home since I graduated.  It includes works on thick industrial felt, paper and digital projection.  There are elements of print, embossing, manipulation, natural dye, and hand stitch. I’m looking forward to installing it in a different space and getting those animated stitches covering a wall in the gallery.

The exhibition is on from 20th April to 8th June and there will be a ‘meet the artist’ event at the gallery on Saturday 4th May.

6 thoughts on “Industrial Abstract

  1. It looks really fresh, and the display rods/wires really set it off.

    Had the strangest little bit of serendipity ref. your work, I was wanting to get to Cardiff to see it but couldn’t and was talk to someone in Birmingham about it. They were from Lincoln and they were so pleased to see your work on internet – it turns out they know you family!!

    • Anne and Janette from Lincoln Area Meeting – we were FIRing at Woodbrooke we had a cross over of one week together. Just got back from my annual one month stay.

  2. Oh I like these. I managed to get to Cardiff to see your work, lovely, the whole exhibition was excellent. I’ve posted a few images on my blog but it was very difficult to get the right colours and introduced a few more people to your work.

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