Alice Fox Spurn Cloth #2 at The Bowery, Leeds

This week I’ve been creating an installation at The Bowery in Leeds.  This is based on my long Spurn Cloth #2 but sees it displayed in a very different way to the previous venues it has visited.  Rather than hanging vertically the cloth is hung horizontally round half of the gallery room.  I have extended it using collaged rusted and printed paper so that the band of texture and marks forms a complete circle around the space.

Alice Fox Spurn Cloth #2 (extended) at The Bowery, Leeds

The paper is collaged directly onto the wall, something that I was quite nervous about doing. Having completed it, I’m really excited about how it has worked.  There is a kind of freedom to this  sort of site-specific work.  I don’t have to worry about pricing or whether anyone might want to buy it.  It can just be.

Alice Fox Textures of Spurn at The Bowery, Leeds

At the end of the exhibition the paper extension will then be scraped off the wall and will be no longer.  Just as Spurn itself is constantly changing shape, bits being eroded in one area and deposited in another, this installation has seen the original cloth extended, added to, enhanced.  And then, as if by the action of an exceptionally high tide, it will be taken away again.

Alice Fox Textures of Spurn installation at The Bowery, Leeds

My work is showing alongside a beautiful exhibition by Hannah.  The preview is this evening from 6-8pm (all welcome) and the exhibitions run until 5th July.

20 thoughts on “installation

  1. Oh! How I’d love to be able to stand in the middle of the room and just be…to turn ever so slightly and see another section of the story (for I see your work as continuous/continually changing story), only to turn again and see another bit.

    Can the sea be heard if you stand in just the right spot? I know I’m getting fanciful, but it seems you must be able to…if only in the whisperings of the cloth.


    • If only Jennifer… I’m afraid the busy road outside is rather dominant of the soundscape. I will take my recorded sounds from the lighthouse and Spurn with me tonight for the preview and hope that the traffic calms down a little. I do think you can smell the sea though… it’s embedded in the cloth.

    • Hi Barbara. I am prepared to let go of it but when it comes down I will see if bits of it can be salvaged and become something else – erosion, deposition etc.

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