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  1. Hello Allice, I was on your workshop at Louise Presleys this weekend and we talked about a dye I couldn’t remember. I spoke to my pal today who was on the same thing and we remembered that it was potassium permanganate that we got as purple crystals from the chemist and we used lemon mixed in wallpaper paste to block print with. The purple coloured liquid goes sepia and brown on the fabric and the paste takes the colour back to cream. You then have to rinse it all out to stabilise it in clean water. Depending on the fabric the depth of the dye is varied but a delicious rich colour. We did it mainly on silks but also on wool and cotton. This was in the 1990s so am forgiven for forgetting the detail. Anyway had a great time and live long and prosper as the saying goes. Cheers, Marianne.

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