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Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 5

I taught the first in a run of workshops last Saturday at the lovely PASH north of York.  This wonderful old flax mill is full of things in various states of rustiness and repair, so it was a perfect venue for a workshop focusing on making marks with rusty things.  We had the luxury of a wealth of interesting items to use in our experiments as well as those that we’d brought along ourselves.

Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 17

Here’s what we got up to:

Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 6Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 8Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 11Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 12Alice Fox Rust Marks workshop 14This workshop is part of a celebration of different print techniques that is on at PASH until the end of June, called Passion for Print.  This includes an exhibition of work from a number of artists working with print in different ways and a series of workshops too.

8 thoughts on “print passion

  1. Looks inspiring with even the smallest items, start my adventure this week so thanks for sharing your passion.

  2. What a wonderful workshop. And the venue…did you get to poke around and use rusty bits that were laying around just waiting to be put to use? I hope so.

    • Hi Jennifer. We did get to use some of the things from the venue, smaller things at least as we only had one day to dabble. I’m hoping to go back and have a play with some bigger things at a later date.

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