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Alice Fox Pavement Piece #16

I’ve been working on some small textile pieces that are part of the series of works called Gifts from the Pavement.  These compliment the paper based prints that formed the original exhibition.  They are made in the same way, building up layers of rust print, collagraph print (both using found objects from the Saltaire streets) and stitch, but this time on silk.

Alice Fox Pavement Piece #20 detail

Alice Fox Pavement Piece #16 detailAlice Fox Pavement Piece #16 detail 2Alice Fox Pavement Piece #17 detailAlice Fox Pavement Piece #18 detail

These ones have just gone off to the framers and I have a little stack to work on through the holidays.


20 thoughts on “pavement pieces

    • Thank you Debbie. The beauty of collagraph is that you can use whatever is available – just paper works really well.

    • Thanks Jayne. The colour palette is dictated by the fact I’m using tea and rust as my starting point. The charcoal grey seems to sit really well with it and suits the paving stone inspiration

  1. Alice…your works are so intricately beautiful….I find myself as I walk along the ordinary pavements of where I live seeking pattern, texture and composition as perhaps you might find through your eyes…thank you!

    • That’s great gretel! I love to find something special amongst the ordinary and it is lovely to hear that I can help others to find the same too. To appreciate what is around you every day is a celebration in itself.

  2. I love the contrast textures of your fabric choice.
    Thanks to your inspiration and a recent workshop with Dorothy Tucker on Kantha – ‘Over the Edge’ – have moved my rust prints on in two directions minimal stitch and maximum stitch! Am looking forward to a continuing and adventuous journey.
    Cheers judith

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