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Anyone who has been following my work over the last year or so will know that I like an unusual gallery space.  This week last year I was exhibiting in the old lighthouse at Spurn – I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.  Well, the next unconventional space is an old 1960s Sprite caravan that Stef and Ian Mitchell of Duckett & Jeffreys run as a touring gallery space.  Over the next two weeks it won’t be touring but will be parked up outside their house in a stunning location in the Yorkshire Wolds.  Stef and Ian turn their house into a gallery four times a year and invite artists to show their work.  I was thrilled to be invited to do a ‘caravan takeover’.

Pavement Piece #23 detail

I’m showing some of my Gifts from the Pavement work, including a few new pieces.  I took my work over there yesterday in beautiful autumn sunshine.  It was tempting to linger in the dry valleys that are so typical of the wolds, amidst pheasants and buzzards and berry-heavy hedgerows.  Sadly I had to get back to do other things.  I did get a sneek peek at some of the work going up in the house, particularly Helen Booth‘s and I really do recommend getting over there as there is some lovely stuff.  There are directions to find Canada House here and there are some lovely images of my work going up over here. The exhibitions are open between 11 and 6 daily until 13 October.  If nothing else it’s worth just to see this lovely part of the world!

Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement print detail

6 thoughts on “caravan

    • Yes it’s great. Cloth & Memory (and Saltaire) is well worth a visit and I’m hoping the Grimsby show will be too (lots still to finish for it!)… I’m biased about both locations though as I live in one now and used to live in the other.

  1. I could sit here all day and look at your work. Sublime. I hear we nearly met at Big Cat Textiles in Newburgh, Scotland. Jeannette said you were there the week before I took Sandra Brownlee’s workshop. Several of us let out squeals of delight when we heard you’d been there…quickly followed by groans of disappointment that we’d missed meeting. Next time…

    • yes I know we had a near miss. It was strange really because I knew there was bunch of you that I’d have liked to meet there for the workshop but I just couldn’t make it work with other commitments to be there at the same time. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

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