Tide Marks

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Tide Marks is finally up at Gate Gallery, Grimsby.  We put the exhibition up on Tuesday with the expert help of Sue Stone and the exhibition opened today.  The private view (I’ve never worked out why they’re called private when everyone is welcome!) is on Friday evening from 6-8.30pm.  I’ll be there so if you’re in the area do come along.

Sand Marks Cloths #1-14

I grew up in Grimsby, so as well as the place having strong links with the sea and therefore being a very appropriate place to show this coast-inspired work, it feels great to be showing in my home town.

The book published to accompany the exhibition is available to buy here.

Tide Line with Tide Marks Books

16 thoughts on “Tide Marks

  1. Thank you Alice for these lovely images, I am sure the show will be a success. It is a small world; last Saturday, when I was on duty at the art gallery in Oxford, NZ, I met a textile artist, a visitor from the UK, who was familiar with your work.

    • I just loved your exhibition ‘Tide Marks’ the work was exquisite and I am now slowly perusing your book, which makes me want to visit the exhibition all over again. The words and images are beautiful.
      One thing that slightly marred our enjoyment of the exhibition and made it hard to concentrate on the words was the loud conversation between the two people minding the gallery.

    • Hi Debbie. So glad you made the journey and it was worthwhile! Sorry your visit wasn’t as peaceful as you’d have liked. It will next be on show in Stroud next May, nearer to you I think and perhaps more peaceful…

  2. Hi Alice. Have been to Tide Marks Exhibition at the Gate Gallery – fabulous work…. am impressed by your ability in producing so much beautiful imagery from such a restricted palette. Brilliant! With thanks – Keith Duke

    • Hi Keith, so glad you enjoyed it. My palette is governed by the found metal I use and the tea that helps it to make its marks. I am constantly surprised by the range of tones that appear.

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