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Alice Fox field sketch with cabbage and walnut

Since the excitement of my Tide Marks exhibition going up and opening last week there has been a period of catching up, both with myself and with a few things that had to be set aside while I got the exhibition prepared.  A week of half term holiday for the kids means time away with family and some welcome walks in the countryside near my parents’ home.  I set myself a little challenge on these walks: to use only what I found to make colour in my sketchbook.  Along with a single drawing pen and then the addition of some home-made walnut ink I managed to make a surprising number of different colours.

The things that I made marks with included: mud, sticks, leaves, chestnut leaf stalks, dandelion flowers, elderberries, haws, hips, sloes, conker (horse chestnut) cases, privet berries, cabbage leaf, blackberries.

Alice Fox field sketches and studio table


15 thoughts on “field sketching

  1. really beautiful……full of almost winter spirit…as they say up North driech dubby and a wee bit wet. Please excuse the spelling it might be wrong since it is over 50 years since i left Scotland.

  2. Nature’s gallery, have been experimenting with taking dyes from leaves but the immediate simplicity of your ‘paintbox’ just magical.

  3. love the use of your collection of natural materials – I have often used bluebells in the spring and blackberries in autumn – going to try a few of the others you mention – happy winter days

  4. Your self directed learning process always amazes me. Your curiosity is tuned up and always on even when you are in a period of rest. Makes me smile.

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