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Alice Fox Pavement (detail)

Yesterday I finished off my extended pavement piece and sent it off with other work to the Mall Galleries in London.  It will be on show as part of Designer Crafts from Friday 10th to Sunday 19th january.  Pavement is over 2 metres long and hangs down the wall and out onto the floor (or plinth as galleries don’t generally allow things draping on the floor).

Alice Fox Pavement view

As with my previous Pavement Pieces, this includes rust prints and collagraph prints, all using street-combed items and the layers are hand stitched. I’ve been plugging away at this one for two or three months so it is good to see it finally finished. I look forward to seeing it in the gallery when I’m there on 19th for my stint as a steward.

Pavement Piece #29 detail

In addition to the gallery exhibition there will be a ‘Shop within the show’ where there will be items for sale that can be taken away rather than waiting for the end of the exhibition. I’ve sent a range of mounted small Pavement Pieces and some new Printed Fragments and these will be in the shop.

Alice Fox printed fragments #4 detail

22 thoughts on “street view

  1. Looks a really interesting piece, can’t wait to see it ” in the flesh” since it will be in my neck of the woods! The Mall Galleries are a lovely light exhibition space and I go there often for painting exhibitions as well as textiles.
    Hope it goes well for you.

    • Hi, went to the exhibition on Friday, really interesting to see all the textures and shapes. I like the fine seeding stitches to define areas. I,enjoyed the whole exhibition, such a variety of disciplines.

  2. I really like this work…the colors, the rust from things found…the fact that it is length-like a sidewalk-but one that goes up the wall! So cool, wish I could see it in person. I know a little boy that did drawings this way, taping together pieces of paper and ‘continuing’!! I posted it over at my blog a while back. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hi Alice,
    I just love this piece and am looking forward to seeing it. I am hoping to come and see it and you on the 19th. What time are you there from and till? Just back from a month away, mostly in Australia to see my son and his wife in Sydney….so finding it hard to get back to “creating” but your piece has inspired me…so off l go to the studio! 🙂 Lynda

    • I’m glad you’re inspired to get going in your studio Lynda. I’ll be stewarding in the exhibition all day on Sunday. I look forward to meeting you.

  4. Hope to get to the UK next year and will endeavour finding somewhere your work is on display. I just love it. a big thank you to Lis Harwood for pointing me in your direction. I came home from a walk just the other day with a handful of rusty bits of wire to add to my collection.

    • Great, collecting like that can be surprising and rewarding. You just have to figure out what to do with the stuff as it accumulates!

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