Alice Fox studio wall sectionThis is a section of my studio wall at the moment. I’m really enjoying the routine of working in the studio and at home. My diary is relatively sensible at the moment so I’m making the most of it. I’m working on a number of small projects, although they are all linked in some way (perhaps the link is me!) and some may grow to be much bigger: one thing really does lead on to the next idea.  I enjoy the experimenting stage of any project, probably more than making the final work, which can be daunting for various reasons. Sometimes I can’t keep up with the ideas and all the things I want to try – the sketchbook becomes incredibly precious as a repository for thoughts and ideas. These are some of the things going on at the moment:

Alice Fox stitched washers and nail

Alice Fox samples on studio wallAlice Fox oak leaf collagraph printsAlice Fox stitched linen with bottle topAlice Fox small stitched samples

14 thoughts on “routine

  1. You’ve definitely peaked my curiosity…especially with the wrapped rusty bits. Will they stay that way or are you rusting the thread? Just wondering. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time in the studio. Can’t wait to see where it all leads. Enjoy! Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer. They will be allowed to rust the thread and fabric eventually, although I’m enjoying their ‘clean-ness’ at the moment 🙂

  2. Looking at your work makes me jealous – I haven’t got time to be in the studio, but I love what you are doing. Is that polystyrene plate printing I can see? I really look forward to seeing the pieces that emerge.

    • Hi Ann, The printing and embossing you see here is all using collagraph plates or mono-printing with found leaves and stems and using an etching press (onto both both paper and fabric).

  3. Why is it that the thoughts come more quickly than the making… its a bit like being in a car chase to get things written down and done. But love the reflective quality of doing which often finds a new, calmer direction to a thought.

    • I agree that the thinking time during making can be very valuable for thoughts to distill. I also find sudden moments of clarity when doing other things – driving on my own can be particularly productive (but not in a car chase!)

  4. I love this phase as well, even though it seems as if there are just too many ideas. I admire how you have just started in.
    That’s often the best way – and then the work tells us what to do.
    Thanks for showing this work in progress.

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