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collar arrival

A few months ago I was invited by Kathleen to be part of a group project involving some vintage shirt collars.  The brief and some of the developments can be found on the project blog here. So this is what arrived back in the summer and has been pinned to my studio board while I considered what to do with it.

Alice Fox shirt collar

Last week I finally got round to playing with this item that is sort of a ‘found object’ except it is someone else’s find. I studied it as if it were some sort of specimen, investigating its make-up, structure and features. I drew it, photographed it, took prints from it and slowly took it apart, documenting the process. At each stage I took a print, initially blind embossing (putting it through the press with damp paper and no ink). The marks it made became slowly more ragged and dis-shevelled as the edges were un-done.

Alice Fox shirt collar blind embossed print Alice Fox shirt collar deconstructing Alice Fox shirt collar rough edges

It was so pristine and white that I daren’t mark it with ink initially, knowing that once I did there would be no going back.  Eventually I plucked up the courage to do so and now the collar lies in its dissected state, flattened and black with printing ink. The prints it made have wonderful detail where the loose threads caught the ink.

Alice Fox shirt collar inkedAlice Fox shirt collar print detail

I like it as an object. It has a history and a story that I can never know. I don’t know yet what I’ll do to it next but I’m looking forward to finding out…

14 thoughts on “shirt collar

    • Thanks Susan. I like the process of recording the change that is happening. That seems almost more important than the item itself at the moment.

  1. This project really appeals to me, being given such a tactile piece to play with, examine, deconstruct, stitch and print with is inspiring. Love the complete contrast from pristine white to dark, changes the whole drama of the piece. Marilyn x

  2. Fascinating project – love what you,ve done so far and look forward to seeing what you and the others do for the finished work – will there be an exhibition? Will miss the book fair this year but hope it goes well in the new venue

    • Thanks Rosie. Sorry not to be seeing you in Leeds this time. There will be some sort of exhibition but details not firmed up yet.

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