mountain adventure

Over Easter I had some time away in three different locations: Cumbria – the beautiful Lyth Valley (full of damson blossom and bursting buds); North Wales – camping with my family (fresh air, clear blue sky, stars and a spectacular full moon rise – we were so lucky with the weather); and Somerset – sociable time with family and friends (lots of talking, music making and even some Shaker box making). I returned feeling like I’d had a good break but with the mild panic that always sets in during school holidays and with deadlines looming.

Alice Fox Snowdonia 1 (Lliwedd) Alice Fox Snowdonia 2 (Lliwedd) Alice Fox Snowdonia 3

These sketches were done in North Wales sitting surrounded by the spectacular Snowdon horseshoe ridge. They follow the line from Llewidd almost to the peak of Snowdon and were made to an accompaniment of four children (aged 5 to 13) throwing varying sizes of stone into a lake with appropriate noises of joy, surprise and laughter.

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