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Alice Fox Shirt collar book #1 d

Now that the Shirt Collar Project exhibition is open and the final pieces have been revealed I can share a few images of my finished work. There is a full explanation of the process and decisions that led to these pieces over on the project blog. I ended up making three small book forms using the prints I made from my collar. I find the 3D nature of these pieces very pleasing. I often feel drawn to working in a more three-dimensional way and perhaps this project has taught me to go with that impulse. I really allowed the experimentation with the materials to lead me this time, with no particular outcome in mind: a really useful challenge.

Alice Fox Shirt collar book #3 a Alice Fox Shirt collar book #3 b Alice Fox Shirt collar book #2 c
Alice Fox Shirt collar book #1 b

Alice Fox Shirt collar book #1 a

14 thoughts on “collar books

    • Thanks Susan. There is an album on the Facebook page with images of construction. I will add pictures of the finished books too when I get a chance

  1. These are beautiful Alison, there is something very special about handmade books, the story of the process, the work becomes intimate draws you in. Perfect – textiles/print/books.

  2. these are really lovely thanks for sharing. I especially enjoy the links between garment construction and the book construction – image of stitched spine and covers is very satisfying!

  3. Managed to get to the exhibition in Ledbury last Saturday. Loved your work – as always and the books were a delight.

    • Glad you made it. I was very sorry not to be there. All the work looks really great from the photos I’ve seen

    • Hi Eva, yes I’m going to be at Art in the Pen again in Skipton. I can give you details and tickets to private view again if you are interested

  4. Beautiful. The use of the book format with the shirt collars is reminisent of the sharp clean lines of the starched collars of old.

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