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The summer holidays are almost upon us and with them the mix of relief (I could do with a break!) and dread (how on earth do I fit in all the work I need to do whilst also enjoying time with the family?). I know I’m not the only one to feel that way about school holidays and it really will be lovely to have some time away from the normal routine.

Alice Fox Tide Line on studio table

Yesterday I delivered Tide Marks to Artlink in Hull ready for them to put it up for my exhibition which opens on 26th July. There is a preview on Friday 25th from 6-8pm so if you are in the area do come along. Each time an exhibition goes up in a different gallery there can be different hanging requirements. As I’m not hanging it myself this time I decided the best way to deal with the little woven pieces that make up Tide Line was to mount them onto a piece of wood so that they are effectively one piece. This took far longer than I thought (each one is sewn to the wood) but I’m pleased with the result and I just managed to squeeze it into my little car to take it over to Hull. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks next week when I go back for the preview.

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  1. I do so love to see your work progress, Alice. This looks lovely, but I don’t know if you are the same, but I get rather frustrated if I can’t be present when my work is hung in a gallery or space…this is a hood solution. Good luck, wish I could be there……are you at the Festival of Quilts this year in Birmingham?

    • Hi Alison, yes I’d rather hang it myself given the choice. There is a nervous wait until you see how it looks, hoping that they’ve done what you would have. I’ll be in the virtual studio at FoQ of the Friday and Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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