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I was fortunate to spend a weekend with the Textile Study Group a few weeks ago. The group is made up of textile artists and tutors who share their experience and skills with their students and with each other. The weekend I attended was themed around ‘drawing’, but not just the conventional pencil on paper stuff that immediately springs to mind. We explored how different artists take initial ideas and get things down on paper (or elsewhere) as a starting point for their work – ‘taking the idea out of your head’. This included intensive drawing exercises, as well as group and individual activities on recording what we found around us. Many different ways of recording thoughts, sights, experiences were explored and discussed. It was an immensely stimulating and enriching weekend. What became clear was that everyone has a different approach to drawing, recording ideas and developing their work. Each approach is personal to each artist but all are relevant.

I’m really pleased to announce that I have been made a member of the Textile Study Group. This is quite an honour and I look forward to working with the wonderful artists and teachers that make up the members of the group.

Alice Fox TSG drawing weekend work table

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  1. Very pleased to see you have been asked to join the TSG. You deserve it you are a very talented person. I have booked to do TSG Summer School in 2015 and really looking forward to it.

  2. Delighted to hear your news. Have been to the last two Summer Schools and enjoyed the fact that three workshops happen together, so you get to see a wide range of ideas and people. A wonderful and inspiring group of tutors…delighted that you have joined them…all the best judith

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