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I suddenly have some space to start exploring new ideas, or rather ideas that I’ve been having over the last year but not had the time to engage with. The book I’ve been writing is now finished, or at least delivered to the publishers. There will be editing and tweaking to do but the majority of it is complete. The last year has been pretty much focussed on the book and touring Tide Marks, alongside a fairly hectic workshop teaching schedule. Apart from finishing off my report to Arts Council England for Tide Marks, that is now complete too. So, what is next? I have a number of projects to be getting on with. There are various group exhibitions next year that I will be making work for, so what follows is a period of development of new work. This is exciting and daunting. Where to start is always an issue. The best things is to get in the studio and see where things get to. So often we are forced (by time constraints) to commit to an end point before we’ve hardly started. It is a challenge to allow things the space and time to develop without knowing what that end point is going to be.

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  1. Sounds exciting for you . I am interested in your last phrases about allowing things to develop without knowing what the end point will be.
    This seems to be the essence of trusting your creativity to go where it will, without a blimmin clue as to what that will be! For those who may not understand this is not only hard work – as you say it can’t happen without time and effort, but needs courage to let it happen and believe that it will.
    I love the difference of your work. It seems to have veracity to me. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Marianda, I think I should clarify a little. It is about trusting your creativity and putting in the work. It isn’t that I don’t have a clue about the outcome – I do have a certain amount of information about what I want to produce (for instance a number of small-scale 3-dimensional pieces that respond to a group of objects) but I don’t want to be prescriptive yet about the forms they will take. It is easy to get drawn down a particular route by deciding what your outcome is to be without exploring the possibilities first, and allowing that outcome to be arrived at through the development. Not sure if that clarifies at all!

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