bottle tops and stitches

Alice Fox 25 Beer Bootle Tops

I recently completed this little piece (25cm x 25cm). It has 25 found beer bottle tops trapped between layers of linen and a lot of small stitches. Once all the stitching was complete it was dipped into tea so that the rusty bottle tops could stain their surrounding fabric and stitches in their own special way. It will be shown as part of 25 x 25 x 25 at the Mall Galleries, London alongside the Society of Designer Craftsmen’s 25th annual Designer Crafts exhibition in January.

Later this week I’ll be at the Knitting and Stitching show in harrogate. On Thursday I’ll be stewarding part of the day in the Prism exhibition Coded : Decoded, in which I have some work on show. On Friday I’ll be demonstrating in the Artists in Action area on stand C590. Do come and say hello if you’re visiting.

Alice Fox 25 Beer Bottle Tops detail


26 thoughts on “bottle tops and stitches

  1. I love the mix of randomness and pattern … especially how the caps have spread color through the stitches.
    Would you be willing to post a picture of the back?

    • Hi Liz, I’ll take a photo of the back. It doesn’t look massively different to the front, just with lots of little knots and thread ends…

    • Thank you … I’m endlessly fascinated with the backs of needlework … they give me a sense of the time and holding that go into the making of a piece

  2. OMG this is such a beautiful piece! One more reason I wish I were in England; I’d love to see this in person. Your work is just stunning.

  3. Fantastic! I just love this piece Alice, and the idea of allowing the marks to form and roam after you have done the stitching is so exciting! I’m amazed too, that the surface is so even considering there are bottle tops underneath. Such an original idea, yet again!

  4. Thought it was only me who picked up bottle caps and spent cartridges on my walks in the hills!!! Not particularly original but I think of them as my hill ‘shells’…

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  6. This is a most wonderfully conceived and executed pieces. The use of the transfer of rusting to alter the color of the cloth and stitch is fantastic. Surely a piece I would love to see up close.

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