weave phase

Alice Fox studio wall weave samples

I am well and truly in a weave phase at the moment. My studio wall has a growing number of samples pinned up and I’m enjoying exploring a variety of (mostly) linen yarns and the surfaces and structures that they produce when held under tension on a warp. I am constantly delighted by the simplicity of plain weave and the simplicity of the technology that produces it. I’ve been working on my table loom, but even then I have tended to beat things hard so that the warp is covered, producing a surface almost like tapestry weave.

Alice Fox table loom weave sample

This warp is now off the loom and the samples separated. I did enjoy them as a strip though, and it was tempting not to separate them. The linen formed these lovely curved bridges between the weave.

Alice Fox weave samples off the loom

Most of the samples will be dyed, dipped or stained in some way. I have also been weaving on a frame and this piece is growing a little each time I get to the studio.

Alice Fox tapestry weave frame

This, too, won’t stay white all over. I have plans for it to meet some walnut ink. but more on that another time.

13 thoughts on “weave phase

  1. Thanks for weaving Alice, looks good, I too have plans for more weaving, looking at leaves & palm fonds My friend Cheryl Kennedy recently attended your studio & posted photos – we’ll done, look forward to seeing your dyed effects, regards & Merry Christmas to you & yours, Wendy Dellow

  2. I think I just swooned! Love all your different textures and shapes!! I have just done a weaving workshop using a simple table loom a couple of weeks ago and really enjoying playing with different wools and string. I love how when you learn the process (even if you are not very good!) you can better appreciate the creativity, problem solving and use of materials in wonderful finished artworks. Thank you for this post!

  3. As a weaver, I’m enjoying your weaving. I agree about plain weave. Even after all of these years, I’m in awe of its simplicity and complexity. Looking forward to seeing how these evolve.

  4. Its all been said, simplicity is not the simplest thing!!! Had tapestry loom set up to see how different thickness of warp would work and realise, as a school report would say, ‘needs more work’!! Great to see your successes… Seasons Greetings through to 2015

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