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Alice Fox 49 Beer Bottle Tops

I don’t drink a lot of beer but I seem to find a lot of beer bottle tops when I’m out and about. On a recent walk along the nearby canal I came home with a little stash in my pocket. I love the way they get squashed by cars and their crinkled edges go in different directions. They are all at slightly different stages of going rusty. After completing 25 Beer Bottle Tops I decided to make a scaled up version and am now part way through its making.

Alice Fox 49 Beer Bottle Tops in progress

This time there are 49 Beer Bottle Tops. The number isn’t significant, but these fit nicely into the dimensions that I decided to work on, four times larger than the first piece. They are arranged in a grid, again, not for any specific reason, but I find the arrangement pleasing. I often arrange things I find in lines like this in the studio. It is a way of sorting, of getting to know the objects, cataloguing them almost: they are like collected specimens laid out for inspection. Once trapped and stitched around and then allowed to stain their surroundings their regimented lines will contrast with the random stitching and the marks that they make.

Alice Fox 49 Beer Bottle Tops stitching in progress

The stitching is now in progress. This is slow and repetitive. This kind of stitching marks out the passage of time. Each stitch is similar to the one before but unique in its detail.

12 thoughts on “more beer bottle tops

  1. Thank you so much for documenting this progression … to me it makes the final piece more meaningful, akin to knowing the story behind the lyrics in a song.

  2. Great! I am at present further rusting bottle/beer tops and will then combinie them with merino wool to felt. Not sure shape, design etc etc yet but still collecting and rusting at the moment.

  3. Nice to know I’m not the only odd bod out there picking up bottle tops and an an array of other rusty bits of metal! My husband thinks I’m nuts!

  4. I love this – everything about it. I love the collecting of the rusty little circles, and I love the arrangement into a grid.

    I enjoy your blog Alice.

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