Alice Fox oak leaf quilt in progress

Just as the new buds are unfurling in the woods I am using last years leaves. I am working on my largest leaf stitching piece so far. This is a sort of experiment, just to see what happens when I try to scale up something that I’ve been doing previously on a hold-in-the-hand scale. These leaves are pretty fragile, although they were collected at a point when the winter hadn’t completed its job of weakening and breaking down the fibres. Pressed and dried flat they are generally doing what I want them to and I am learning all the time what the boundaries are. As I work on this piece in the studio my Leaf Stitching book is finished and at the printers. I hope it will be available in the next couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “oak

  1. What gentle touch must be called for to layer such fragile leaves in stitch.
    I very much look forward to hearing when both Leaf stitching and Natural Processes become available. It would be wonderful to have them on my shelves!

  2. Are you hand stitching them or machine? I find mine are too brittle and are breaking down (I have pressed them in advance). Will your book show technique or will it be mostly pictures? Love your work as always!

    • Hi Tricia. They are hand stitched after carefully drying the leaves. The book is mostly pictures with an afterword that explains how I approached the works featured. Hope you enjoy the book when it arrives.

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