Leaf Stitching book

BB Book cover 2.indd

My Leaf Stitching books have just arrived, hot off the press from the printers. The book is now available here. This book forms a photographic record of a series of experiments with leaves and hand stitch that I have been playing about with for a couple of years. As it says in the afterword: This book illustrates a line of inquiry, the following of a thought process.

Some of the pieces that feature in the book, and others that don’t, will be exhibited this Autumn at the Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery, London.

5 thoughts on “Leaf Stitching book

  1. This book perfectly represents your artist statement. For me, an author’s thoughts are as important as her work. The two inform and enrich each other. The fortunate viewer/listener/reader is both delighted and awed. Thank you for all that you share.

  2. Lovely treatment of the photographs across the pages, isn’t it great what a folded page can do to a photographic image. What a beautiful book.

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