mud cloth

Alice Fox weave strip

At Easter I collected some mud from a tributary of the Severn Estuary, whilst down in Somerset. The tubs of this lovely mud have been sitting patiently in my studio, waiting for me to open them up and play with their wonderful smooth contents. I’ve been weaving away at a long strip for quite some time and this came off the loom last week. Although it was woven on a table loom, once off the loom I manipulated it so that most of it became densely packed, covering the warp in a tapestry weave structure.

Alice Fox Mud Cloth

This morning the strip was coated in the silky estuarine mud. Freshly muddied and still wet it has taken on a ceramic quality. It will dry slowly now and its surface quality will change as it does so. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to the surface as it changes.

11 thoughts on “mud cloth

  1. Oh, Alice, how exciting. I’m doing a similar project but using felt and red clay. We’ll have to compare notes at some point. Mine has been processing for several weeks now. I’ll be looking forward to your big reveal, too.

  2. Hi Alice, can I ask – once the woven strip has dried do you leave the mud on or wash it off to see how the weaving has been changed? Second question is how long does it take to dry? Looks very tactile when muddled and coiled up. Lovely.

    • Sheila, I am really just experimenting so there isn’t a set ‘process’ here. I’ve been adding mud to surfaces of samples in different ways, this is just on a bigger scale. I’m intending to leave the mud on. I’m interested to see how the surface changes and cracks as it dies out. How long that will take I don’t know…

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