Alice Fox 20 stitched leaf cubes

Leaf Stitching is showing this week in London and I’m enjoying being back in the calm space that is the Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery. This exhibition is all about detail. Most of the pieces are intimate in scale and they draw you in to notice their intricacies. Small careful stitches punctuate the natural leaf material; the colours and surface qualities of the leaves invite close inspection.

I’m in the gallery 11-6 until Saturday.

Alice Fox Leaf Stitching eucalyptus triple row

Alice Fox Leaf Stitching Oak Leaf Quilt

Alice Fox Leaf Stitching Eucalyptus circle

Alice Fox Leaf Stitching red oak square

8 thoughts on “detail

  1. Your work is fascinating, both in materials and conceptually. If I could get to your show in London, every piece would definitely draw me in for a closer look.

    Carol from Canada.

  2. I visited the exhibition yesterday, you might remember me because I took notes in my sketchbook. Thank you so much for the time you spent talking to me and explaining what you do.
    I enjoyed your exhibition very much, admiring the delicate stitches of your work, and the sublime beauty of the carefully chosen leaves and the way you put them together.
    I will continue following your work on your blog.

  3. Your beautiful book has arrived, and even though I have only had time to have a quick look, your words and photos of the creative work already excite me. I look forward to an in depth reading session. from Jenny (Melbourne, Australia)

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