Last week was a working week away from home on the North Yorkshire coast: a week of walking, reading, thinking and developing work towards my Findings exhibition; a week of changing weather, windy cliff-tops, cold fingers on the beach, fossils and falling cliffs, stunning views…

Alice_Fox_limpet_inside upside-down limpets, marks on rocks left by limpets, pebbles and pellets…


mud underfoot (and half way up the trousers), mud on woven thread, mud trails left by periwinkles at low tide…

As ever, there are more images here.

7 thoughts on “coastal

  1. Looks to be a beautiful ‘wild’ area…especially like your photo of the rocks, such wonderful markings. We have recently created a dry-river bed in our garden, the shapes & colours of the river rocks/stones never cease to amaze me. And when wet their colours change again. We have created this area with the river stones and native plants to encourage small wildlife to make their home in our garden. from Jenny in Melbourne, Australia.

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