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Alice_Fox_Spurn_April2016 I’ve been back to Spurn for the first time since my residency ended 3 1/2 years ago. It felt so good walking the whole peninsula again, some parts very familiar and some bits significantly changed by the elements since my last visit. Some great wildlife encounters made the day really special too: a dolphin (sadly dead, but fascinating to see), a short-eared owl, a lizard, curlew, deer, butterflies…

The lighthouse is now spick and span in its newly re-furbished state, with a new coat of paint inside and out. It is now open to the public regularly and there is some sensitive interpretation inside to help the visitor understand the history of this wonderful heritage building and the unique location it overlooks.

Alice_Fox_Spurn_viewLuckily it was a beautiful day, although with a cold wind, so the views were long-ranging and at their very best. As ever there was all sorts of weird and wonderful (and not so wonderful) stuff washed up on the beach, including various balls of fishing line caught up into bundles with other debris attached, like un-natural tumble-weeds.

Alice_Fox_Spurn_bundleI took along some of the work I made during my residency and have donated a piece to The Wildlife Trust, who manage Spurn. This will go up either in the lighthouse or in one of the other visitor spaces. The other pieces I took with me are now on display in the Bluebell Cafe in Kilnsea. It’s lovely to have some of my work back there, where it came from and where it belongs.



7 thoughts on “back to Spurn

  1. Dear Alice
    I hope you are well. Time has flown since you were here with us.
    Lovely to see the photos of your return visit to Spurn. I also haven’t been back recently, not since the great storm and wash over. It’s on my list to do this summer. One of my special places in the UK …. I love it’s harshness and austerity

    Kind Regards Ann

    • Hi Ann, good to hear from you. Things have changed quite a bit up by the narrow bit and you do have to be very aware of what the tide is doing. Hope you get there before long…

  2. Hi Alice

    Spurn looks lovely. Hope all is good with you. I have wonderful memories of Puglia. Nice to catch up with you on your blog.

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