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So we’re back in the old routine now term has started again and the kids are back at school. Our holiday seems a long way off but my head is still full of the sights, sounds and smells of the Outer Hebrides and my sketchbook is full of moments captured in one way or another. Those empty white shell-sand beaches that turn the sea the most wonderful turquoise greens and stretch for miles are just fantastic – the stuff of dreams (mine anyway!). I have been to the outer isles before but not the Uists and this trip took me to places I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time. It takes quite an effort to get to these remote parts and I love a good ferry journey, which is necessary (made even more special by the dolphins and porpoise we saw from the boat). This is the very edge or Europe, and apart from the tantalising St Kilda, which we saw on a particularly clear day, when you look out across the sea the next land is Canada. Highly recommended: this fascinating exhibition, which is based on St Kilda but also deals with amnesia, was on in Lochmaddy. It will be moving to London soon here.

alice-fox-north-uist-beach-sketch alice-fox-stone-circle-sketchalice-fox-eriskay-seascapealice-fox-south-uist-beach-sketch

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  1. Thank you for this…I am going on a tour in Scotland a year from now, which includes Skye — where I’ve a cousin to visit — and Harris. I’ll be part of a group of quilters — most ‘traditional’ in the North American style — but I and my travelling companion are art quilters…and my father’s family hailed from Kilsyth (near Glasgow)…so we have other interests in the landscape, in rendering it in fabric, yarn and stitch. Having some City & Guilds training, I will have a sketchbook with me…your sketches are very evocative and have me dreaming of being close by…only a year from now…

    • Margaret, your trip sounds fantastic. We had a couple of days on Skye on our way to the outer Isles and were lucky to have great weather and so fantastic views. Harris is wonderful – do make sure you visit one of the tweed weavers.

  2. I really loved the Western Isles, such strikingly different geology in such close islands. Sadly I didn’t get to St Kilda having to content myself with Kathleen Jamie’s wonderful accounts of visiting it for now. Thank you for sharing your sketches and the exhibition link – it looks an excellent piece to have seen whilst visiting. Enjoy the memories that wash over.

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