Findings in a line

We hung Findings last week at the Ropewalk Gallery, Barton on Humber. This gallery suits my work very well in both scale and environment and I am really pleased with how the exhibition looks. Having hung this body of work on three different gallery spaces during the Knitting and Stitching Shows last year it is good to have had some time to reflect and then show it again, making a few changes to how the work is presented. There are some additions as I sold some pieces from the original show; some pieces have been re-mounted for the wall rather than being shown on plinths; my recent walking book series has been incorporated as these book structures record many of the locations that feature in the rest of the work.

This time the work hangs in one continuous line, so you can take a journey through the objects, studying each one in turn. Each individual piece is intimate in scale and the detail is all-important. Together they form a much bigger whole and I hope that they tell a story; each viewer reading a slightly different narrative.

Shall I take you on a walk around the gallery? I can’t show you every piece (there are over 200) but this will give you a good flavour of the work…

As many of you will know, there is a publication which accompanies this body of work. Findings, which has close-up images of much of the work as well as writing that links the pieces to the places that they record and essays by Nigel Morgan, is available to order here. The exhibition continues until 3rd September.

18 thoughts on “Findings in a line

  1. Wow! Alice your new exhibition looks stunning and so interesting to see it as a walk around the room. You have been sorely missed at Oxford this week. We wish you all the best and hope that you will be back to teaching again when you are ready.

    • Thanks Corinne. I feel awful that I’ve had to cancel so much but it was necessary and right. I have been thinking of you all there!

  2. A truly beautiful exhibition even from afar. The line, the space…
    Would love to spend the time marveling in-person. Will have to check out your publication. Thanks for the “tour”.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful tour, Alice. It is truly an exhibition I would love to have been able to see in person.

  4. Lovely work, so well displayed! Just found you are following my blog ‘Amazing Space’ – very happy to be connected!

  5. Amazing! Just lovely work Alice! I wish I could see the details in person.

    I’m intrigued, are those specimen pins holding up your work? If so, any tips on were i could find some like them?

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