Le Mans exposition

My exhibition in Le Mans, France opened this weekend, hosted by the town of Le Mans and facilitated by Atelier de Genevieve. I’m incredibly grateful to Genevieve for organising and curating the exhibition. The layered, peeling paint and crumbling textures on the walls of the Pavilion Monod make a wonderful backdrop to the neutral tones of my work. The exhibition is on until 29th October.

13 thoughts on “Le Mans exposition

  1. The installation looks beautiful. Such soft, earthy colours and the contrast of man made marks and nature. I wish I could get a closer look at your creations!

  2. What a wonderful body of work. The setting is inspired. I wish I could see it, any chance of a book or exhibition in the UK?

    • Hi Denise. Most of this work is from previous projects. Just the Estuary Cloths are new. I’ll post something about them at some point.

  3. What a superb place to be exhibiting in Alice. Just perfect to continue the story of your work. I expect you’re delighted. Will forward on to friend who is in France at the moment. Would have loved to see it myself. X Siân

  4. What a superb place for your exhibition Alice ! I live in Le Mans and yesterday was the right day to visit it with the wonderful automn sun ! I really enjoyed it and I’ll make an article on my blog to present it and give opportunity to my friends to visit it !!

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