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Earlier this year, during the time that I was developing my ideas for the Fifth-Sized Book Adventure, I was invited to take part in an exhibition initiative by the Embroiderers’ Guild. This group exhibition under the title ‘Page 17’ was to be shown around the same time that the Newcastle Library Project would come to fruition. In fact it is on show this weekend at the London leg of the Knitting and Stitching Shows. Participants in Page 17 were invited to take a favourite book as their inspiration for a new piece of work for the exhibition. I don’t know what is on page 17 of ‘my’ book, just as I don’t know what is on any of the pages due to it being bound shut. However, I liked the synchronicity of this project with my current thinking and decided to accept the invitation.

The requirements for the Page 17 exhibition were set out by the organisers and are quite specific due to the nature of the show and its location. This gave me a set of constraints within which to conceive a piece of work, something that can often be quite useful as a starting point. I decided that I wanted to explore the exposed spine and to continue making small units, bringing them together to make a larger whole. These would then be encased in an acrylic box, showing mismatched stitched spines and page edges in a block that would remain tightly closed and restricted.

Constructing this piece proved a useful testing ground for the library work. I planned out the units that would sit within the clear box and then made them one by one, fitting them together at the end like a sort of jigsaw.

The bright white of the paper and stitch was too ‘clean’ to relate back to my old worn starting point, so each unit was dipped in tea to gather more sympathetic tones and marks along their folds, stitches and edges. Fitted back together the piece became a study in texture within a constricted form: rough torn edges and uneven junctions between units, all contained by clear straight boundaries.

Page 17 will be shown at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show 23 – 26 November.

13 thoughts on “Page 17

    • I wonder why it’s not on the textile galleries page on the website. Very odd. It’s near the Sewing Machine Project. I think it’s in the guide – my friend and I bought one between us but she has it at the moment – I’ll have a look when I get hold of it.

  1. Alice,
    This is such an honorable project. I commend your work and your vision. I live in the States and unable to attend the show but I offer you my heartfelt appreciation for what you have done here.
    Karima Bondi
    Buffalo, NY

  2. This collection is lovely. It’s like uncovering a box of books in an old abbey. I lam enjoying your little book too. Thanks

  3. I love this, so tactile and pure. I love the white ” unstained” beginning too, it hangs so well together as an image. You could take rubbings from it and mismatch and rearrange the results producing something totally different! A wonderful conception from the start.

    • I love the rubbing idea Annie, I have Alice’s print from the collar project that the 62 Group did and I love it; I can attest to her printing skills!

    • Oh yes, so it was! Here’s to their next project when Kathleen has finished her MA. I hope you’re invited to take part Alice!

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