Love Big Books exhibition

Unknown Book: Paper, linen, acrylic, acetate, ink, natural dyes, gold leaf.

A collection of hand made book units with stitched Coptic binding in linen thread, using new and re-purposed paper (discarded by the library) and incorporating print, natural staining and gold leaf.

On Wednesday I took Unknown Book up to Newcastle to install in the City Library as part of the Love Big Books exhibition. My piece is on library shelves up on floor 6 of the library in amongst the books that live there permanently. I didn’t know until I got there where my work would go in the library. I’m thrilled with how it sits amongst the ‘real’ books, almost camouflaged.

The exhibition is on all floors of the building, with work in a variety of different spaces. Visitors will either seek out the work and explore the library through the exhibition, or they will come across exhibits whilst using the library for all sort of different reasons. The exhibition continues until 17th November.

10 thoughts on “Love Big Books exhibition

  1. It would be so wonderful to see the reactions of people when they run across your pieces as they are looking through the library!

  2. Your work looks so intriguing Alice.
    I too, love books structures and was interested in the comments about smelly books. I love the smell of some new books too which must be something about the paper and sizing etc.
    Smell is such an evocative sense and can take you back to places long forgotten!

  3. Your work, as always, is so beautiful and thoughtful. Would love to see your “books” in the library but will have to use my imagination instead. 🙂

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