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I collected Unknown Book from Newcastle Library last weekend, taking my piece off the shelves up on level 6, where it had shared the space with the local interest collection during the Love Big Books Exhibition.

Gary Chaplin, one of the participants in the Fifth-Sized Book Adventure has made a great little film using interviews with some of the artists explaining their contributions to the project. You can see the film here.

Next Sunday (26th November) I will be at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate, demonstrating in the Artists in Action studio all day. I will have part of Unknown Book with me, as well as lots of samples and examples of book structures, with which I will be playing and demonstrating. The show is also another chance to see Page 17, the Embroiderers’ Guild exhibition in which I have a piece connected to my Unknown Book project. If you’re at the show do come along to the ‘studio’ and say hello.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that video! Very cool to see the inspiration and process of the artists, including yourself. I was disappointed that the artists were not acknowledged or named in the film or at the credits at the end.

    • Hi Laura, all the artists are listed on the project website here:
      It wasn’t an official film for the project, just put together by one of the participants as a record of some of the processes.
      It is good to hear the different approaches people took isn’t it?

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