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I’ve been exploring what there is on my allotment, including all the things I have inherited from the previous owner(s). As well as plants and the structure of beds that contain them (or not!), there are many other objects and materials with potential use to me. The site is a sort of palimpsest, a record of the different layers of activity and lives that have worked the plot.

Rusty old tools, which at first seemed pretty useless, are being put to use at times – if a hammer is a bit rusty it still works as a hammer! I’ve been drawing some of these tools and other objects using my home-made inks. These are made from previously gathered walnuts and oak galls, neither of which I am likely to find on my plot. But I have plans for making inks with things that do grow here.

Drawing really makes me look at the detail of these objects: the nature of the surfaces; the curve of a handle; the structures that make up the forms. It is deep looking and allows for good thinking time.

19 thoughts on “drawing tools

    • Thank you Rebecca – I just looked at your blog and see you are on the Uists. What a wonderful place to live! I visited North and South Uist the summer before last and I’m currently working with some beach-combed finds form there.

  1. I’m really enjoying seeing these drawings. They’re inspirational. Your use of inks you’ve made yourself is really interesting and I’m intrigued about what inks you will produce from the allotment.

  2. Beautiful Drawings and dont forget to gather ivy berries when they are black in the Autumn and make ink from them, blackberries too make a lovely coloured ink.

  3. Beautiful, sensitive work Alice and so interesting to talk to you about it too.
    Your way of continuing to grow your work as part of your life is really important.
    X Sarah

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