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>Toady I went into an exhibition feeling a little stressed (too much to do – shouldn’t really be swanning round exhibitions when I should be sitting at home ticking things off a list) and a bit unsure of how things might get going in terms of my college projects (wanting to start drawing/mark making but not sure how to go about it – the perennial blank page in a new sketchbook thing)…

…and came out feeling incredibly inspired, fired up, excited, full of what I’d just seen. I think it was exactly what I needed!

The exhibition was All over the place: Drawing Place, Drawing Space at the Leeds University Gallery. This exhibition brings together the work of artists working in a variety of media but all under the banner of drawing and all exploring a particular aspect of place or location through their drawing.

The exhibition opens with a series of quotes about ‘sense of place’ and the act of drawing. In particular this one from Emma Dexter really got me going:

“A drawing enjoys a direct link with thought and with an idea itself. Its very nature is unstable, balanced equally between pure abstraction and representation; its virtue is its fluidity. A drawing can be highly controlled and delicate, an act of homage, redolent of personal memory, or it can be automatic, responding to irrational elements or chance encounters of materials.”
(from: New Perspectives in Drawing, 2005)

The work of Doris Rohr
(incorporating found elements and different media), Paul Edwards (energetic charcoal drawing of the texture of grasses outside his studio window) and Jayne Bingham (mixed media mark making that you kind of fall into as you look at the surface detail) were the ones that really stood out for me and made me want to go straight home and draw!

Of course by the time I’d got home and collected the kids and dealt with tea and all the other jobs that call for my time on a Tuesday evening it didn’t quite happen, but it really fired me up and I have high hopes for later in the week…

This was the second exhibition I’ve seen at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Art Gallery, the first being A Discipline of the Mind: The Drawings of Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham earlier this year which was equally as inspiring.

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